Travelling to Lisbon? 9 things to do and discover there!

  1. Check out its diversity

Castles, five meters waves, history, wonderful beaches and nightlife. All of these and much more you will find just right the corner all over Lisbon. Contemporary, new architecture buildings on one side, as well as old city and old castles on the other side. We couldn’t decide which one we liked most. Do you?

2. Live the unique experiences

If you are type who would like to spend a night in over 500 years old fortress on an uninhabited island, you can do this if you come to Lisbon. Just gather some info about Berlenga Islands and you will discover the freedom, wilderness and unique charm of this place. One hour drive from Lisbon to Peniche Port, 30 mintues by boat and you are there. The Natural Reserve Great Island of Berlengas is at your feet. Explore the great fauna, flora, take a boat and discover the natural caves, visit the old fortress and even spend a night there of you are willing to do voluntary work instead of paying the services.


3. Chill out and wonder on the streets

Lisbon is the city you discover rounding down the streets. Walking around the little streets, up and down the hills, photographing the graffiti on the buildings and the funny yellow trams. Want to catch your breath and have a nice view? Your steps will surely take you to a Miradouro where you can chill out on a bench, drink a great fresh lemonade and have a splendid overview of the city.

4. Meet the people and learn Portuguese

Even if you are travelling to Lisbon or Portugal just for one day, you will surely get in contact with these people. Portuguese are friendly and helpful people. They help you, guide you, give you even more information than you asked for. They are chatty and welcoming tourists all the way. But here is something interesting : old people are eager to help you even though they speak only Portuguese. They love to see that you say a few words in their language, so it is a good way to learn at least Ola ( Hello ) , Bom dia ( Good afternoon ) or Obrigado ( thank you ).

5. Take advantage of a warm climate

Lisbon is a city where the sun is shining and giving its warm all over the year. Summers are really usually hot while winters are mild and warm during the day. Any time you pick for visiting Lisbon is great, you will not have to worry about rainy or snowy days. During summer, the time is great for water sports, since just around Lisbon are ones of the best beaches in Europe where you can go surfing, kite surfing or wind surfing. If you do this, you will love the high waves of Guincho Beach.

6. Taste the wines and great food

One thing is for sure! I have not known people who were not satisfied about Portuguese food or well known wines. Snacks of pastry you can choose from: cheese, meat, mushrooms, carrot, chocolate, fish – all are fresh and tasty. For appetizer you have goat cheese and olives. Great sea food with very reasonable prices: octopus cooked in the oven melting in your mouth, great sea food salads. Good pork dishes served with vegetables or traditional Portuguese sausages – you choose but for sure you will try them all.

7. Discover the surroundings – plenty of day trips

Let’s face it! Even if Lisbon is not a city so promoted as London, Paris or Rome, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have so many to offer. Once you get to your accommodation gathering all the travelling tips and maps of Lisbon, you will have a wonderful surprise to see that near Lisbon you will find a lot of attractions that suit all of you : Sintra, Obidos, Evora, Cabo da Roca, Cascais with all near beaches. And many more.

8.  Learn the history

Lisbon is the second oldest European capital after Athens in Greece. You will find plenty of facinating and charming historical sites : Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), one of the greatest symbols of Portugal’s Age of Discoveries from the 16th Century, Mosteiro de Jerónimos (Jerónimos Monastery), an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arco da Rua Augusta which can be visited and offers a great view upon the city. We will let you discover the rest of historical sites, you won’t be disappointed.

9.  What you pay is what you get. And you will get a lot!

Lisbon is for all budgets. If you are looking for cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap tickets to museums and castles, cheap accommodation – you will surely find. Also fancy, classy restaurants, bars, luxury hotels. Transport is cheaper compared to the other European capitals. You can live your experiences free within your budget, especially if you are not travelling in high season.





4 thoughts on “Travelling to Lisbon? 9 things to do and discover there!

  1. I’m living in Lisbon for a month this upcoming June. Definitely bookmarking this post, amazing recommendations!! You’ve made me very excited 😊

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