Jim Rohn : The 5 key elements in life

Considered one of the best personal development philosophers, Jim Rohn will always be a mentor for anyone starting the journey of discovering oneself and growing through personal development. He shared his principles, philosophies and experience for 46 years to millions of people all over the world through books, seminars, workshops, CDs, DVDs. Many of the world renowned motivational speakers and art of success authors refer to Jim Rohn as their mentor and true inspiration : Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey Mackay as well as many others.

His guide “Five major pieces to life puzzle” explains the key elements that we need to focus on in order to achieve success. Find them here with a brief description, then read this exceptional practical book which will surely change your mindset!


Our philosophy is the foundation of the 5 key elements in our life. It is determined by our thoughts, ideas and information. These influence our behavior and habits, and from this point everything takes one direction or another. Our philosophy is the result of our knowledge and learning process and it is the luggage that we carry on during our journey in life. It is so important that before changing directions or choosing a different path in our life crossroads to understand and define our philosophy. The way we think and act make the journey endless as well as our reactions towards challenges and hard times are more important than the obstacles itself.

And how should we do this?

a. Learn! First, learn from your own experiences: your mistakes and failure are the alarms that indicate your need for change, otherwise the present and the future will the same as your past experiences. Second, learn from other people’s mistakes. Different people, same circumstances, different actions, different results. Don’t we need to analyse how one has succeeded and the other failed in the same situation? What was the difference? What were the ideas and thoughts that we need to add to our luggage to help us in our journey?

b. Listen to other people’s voices! People around us can influence our thoughts and actions. We can correct our mistakes, by people around us can easily see in us what we cannot see in ourselves. Positive or negative facts. The objective advises given by people we admire and we trust are valuable information which help us in discovering ourselves and setting up a healthy philosophy of life.

c. Follow positive influence! People around us have influenced our personality and character and always will. Why not seek for people who due to their experiences and achievements can inspire us and help us grow. You have the responsibility to choose deliberately who is your influence, why not a positive one?

d. Observe! What happens around us is also a direct or indirect influence. Once we have a goal and a plan, we need to protect it and stick to it. Therefore, we need to observe whatever happens that can harm us or help us: the industry, the government, our community, new challenges, new opportunities, new techniques, new instruments. Many people have succeeded because of their interest in what is happening throughout the day: great opportunities appear in events that may appear insignificant and others will ignore. Isn’t that amazing?

e. Read ! All the ideas, thoughts and inspiration that you need may be found in tones of books out there. What better way to change or develop your philosophy other than books that can change our lives, destiny, health, relationships, career, family etc.? Here you will find the list of 20 books that Jim Rohn recommends that everybody should read during their lifetime.


Once our philosophy builds our logic – thoughts and information – , attitude defines our emotions. Our feelings determine our behavior in social and business life and also an immense power that can drive us towards action or can paralyze us.

a. Attitude towards the past, the present and the future.

The past is our teacher. Nothing can be changed, you cannot fight it. So why not collect the happy memories, learn the lessons from bad experiences and close the doors to regrets, sadness and pricks of conscience. Use the past for collecting treasures that can help you now build the future.

Our past goals and perspectives gives us the life we are living in the present. The moment of today is not about yesterday or last year, it is about what is happening now. The greatest opportunity you have today is the opportunity to change. The present is about designing your future. Set new goals, embrace a positive attitude, have the tools from past experiences, act! This is about attitude, otherwise today will be the same as yesterday.

Attitude towards future is determined about our ability to see it. If you can imagine it, then your mind can realize it. Everything needs to be designed before it is done, needs to be imagined. It comes from an idea, we remodel and perfection it, then our thoughts, decisions and actions will transform it to reality.

This is why the positive attitude plays such an important role. When we see the past and the present from such a positive perspective, our mind will be creative and guide our steps towards our goals.

b. Attitude towards ourselves

The appreciation for ourselves is the beginning of success. We are all gifted with creative, spiritual and mental power. But not all of us know that.We spend time watching others’ achievements, we analyse their past, their plans, we appreciate them. But very few do this with themselves. Once we invest in ourselves by learning, reading, attending seminars, workshops, changing attitude towards past, present and future, we will discover the power within and we will be able to appreciate ourselves. Change the negative attitude you have about yourself and give yourself credit to grow.

c. People around us

People around have a major influence on our opinions and feelings. Evaluate their language, behavior and habits to see if they have a positive contribution in your life or a negative one. Their reputation, skills, knowledge, attitude towards hard work, honesty, personal development should help you grow or not? Are they continually unsatisfied with what is happening? Do they have a pessimistic approach by criticism towards everybody else? Analyse them and decide. You cannot have a positive attitude towards life if negative people surround you. It is not easy to let go your friends, but if you are strong and willing to change, you can change them and they will change others. This is an extraordinary process!


Through action, our philosophy and attitude get a meaning. All our knowledge, feelings and will to succeed apply through action. It gives us self confidence and self esteem and these are the real awards we get in the end. Not only the results matter but also the new person we have become.

a. It is better to act then to do nothing

We can choose to do nothing, to rest instead of work, fun instead of learning, doubt instead of self confidence, but if we do this we shouldn’t blame anybody for the results we have.

It is necessary not to talk about what you are going to do, but to act directly. Your attitude and knowledge will help you take the right decisions and act accordingly. Test your abilities through actions, learn and act again.

b. Have a plan, define your goals

A good plan is a simple plan. A noble goal and a simple plan create an ideal future. Don’t lose yourself in details, it will be impossible to plan all details and anticipate all the obstacles.

The journey towards success is not a fun trip, therefore we need to set a destination. Our goals will keep us on the track and will give us the power to overcome challenges.

c. Start with small steps

Doesn’t matter how small and insignificant our actions will appear, once they are disciplined and consistent they are the keys to new opportunities.


Results are the purpose of our actions. They also are the effect of our efforts and the opportunities we could embrace. In order to change results you need to change instruments, actions and yourself.

Take a good look at your assets and evaluate them: material assets ( home, car, bank accounts etc ), health, relationships ( family, friends ), reputation, experiences and how much you appreciate yourself. If your list of values is short, then you need to change something in your life. And start the process with setting up a goal, strengthening your philosophy, changing your attitude and go into action.


Lifestyle means doing ordinary stuff in a civilized and refined manner. It proves our evolution and shows our personality. It is about the way we dress, the cars we drive, the parties we attend .It is about discovering a new way to give joy, happiness and consistency to our lives and also to the ones we love.

Lifestyle is the result of living a spiritual life, based on emotional values, not on material goods. It is not the result of our professional efforts, but of our spiritual efforts.

Happiness is more the cause of success, not the result of it, therefore we can be happy whatever the material circumstances are. We need to live the present moment in order to be happy. Happiness is not for sale and it cannot be withdraw from a bank account. It is about participating lively to every moment of the day and let the feelings show. Whether it is about working, riding on bicycle, teaching your child to swim, being at a concert, be part of that moment and don’t mix things and thoughts.

If we want to be happy, we need to start thinking, feeling and acting as if we were happy. If we want to be rich, we need to start thinking, feeling and acting as if we were rich. Success is about attracting results of your kind.

What bout your plans and goals? What about your key elements in life? Did you read the book by Jim Rohn? Share with us your thoughts, i will be glad to see your comments.




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