My first introduction to the ITB Berlin: the international tourism trade fair.

The British Berliner

In the last week I was a busy bunny. I was a very busy bunny indeed. This was because for the very first time I attended the ITB Berlin, not as a member of the public, but as a convention participant, a social media person and a blogger.

Now since my blog started just last year, the media organisers deemed my blog to be too new however the ITB press team were marvellous and gave me complimentary tickets so that I could attend. Thank you so much ITB Berlin!

 What is the ITB Berlin?

The ITB Berlin stands for the “Internationale Tourismus-Börse” or in English, the “international tourism trade fair.” The ITB represents B2B, hotels, tourists boards, tour operators and providers, airlines, transport operators, responsible travel organisers, information technology experts, social media bloggers, and anybody else interested in travel and tourism.

I am enormously lucky because the ITB is…

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Summoning the Spirits: 10 Aurora Images from the Canadian Rockies

Watch these amazing energy lights….

Paul Zizka Photography

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are by far one the most majestic and awe-inspiring natural phenomena we can enjoy during our time on this Earth. Like spirits in the sky, they enchant and entrance us, keeping us up for hours on end as they move through the sky, disappearing and reappearing again with sudden and surprising new patterns.

Capturing them involves a combination of factors: keeping a keen eye on the data (you’ll find a list of Aurora Watching Web Resources here), being ready when the light show begins (even if it’s 3am…), and finding clear, dark skies to optimize your chances of seeing them. Luckily, here in the Canadian Rockies, we have very little light pollution, so when conditions are right, you’ve got a good chance of seeing them.

Here are ten of my favourite aurora images from the past year! For me, having people in the shots adds scale and…

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